Our Goal


The Dynasty House goal is to improve the lives of the people of Motema Village and its surrounding villages. Motema is a small village in the eastern province of Sierra Leone, a country on the west coast of Africa which suffered ravages of ten years of rebel war.



Dominic Yambasu

Dominic Yambasu is the founder of this charity (Kaimba, Inc., dba “Dynasty House”.) Dominic has been a teacher and soccer coach in Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA, since the late 1970’s, and continues to coach soccer today. He has fond memories of growing up in Sierra Leone. He says the country was often referred to as the “mother country” because the people there were so loving. He says if you asked someone for directions, they would walk you to where you wanted to go. However, not long after Dominic left for college Sierra Leone became embroiled in a 10 year Blood-Diamond civil war, tragically visiting upon these good people many horrors of war. They are still recovering, and Dominic has made it his mission to help these beautiful communities to recover, grow, and educate their children. Dominic lost many family members during this war, including his sister Finda and father Kaimba. This charity is named after his dear father.